Form: Basketball Program Size

Basketball Program Size Form

  • Basketball Enrollment Form. This form needs to be filled out by January 24th.
  • This form is to be filled out with gender specific program size (enrollment) information. If you have boys and girls programs you will need to fill out separate forms.
  • Program Size Questions

    Program Size (Enrollment) is defined as: Total number of gender specific players (11+ years old as of Sept. 1 this school year) that played in a game this season in your program. Please note: If a player who has played in a game on your team is injured, transferred, or quit, or the player simply isn't attending nationals they must still be counted in your official enrollment numbers. Please be accurate with what you submit as the size of program information will be made public.
  • Based on the description above how many (gender specific) players (ages 11 & up as of Sept. 1 this school year) did you program play in a game this season?
  • If your program cut eligible homeschool basketball players this season you must list how many you cut (do not include if they played in a game as they are counted in the # above)