Volleyball Nationals Championship Format

NCHVC Championship Format Info

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The Following is a list of things that the NCHVC will be doing (or continuing to do) at 2015 National Championships in order to focus on the Championship Format:
Paid Tournament Director– We are thrilled that the NCHVC brings in a paid tournament director with Volleyball expertise & experience to be the HomeSchool Volleyball Championships Tournament Director.

Gold Ball Showdown Series with Program Classification– This is a big part of the NCHVC, as such we have dedicated an entire article to explain how this works as well as list the 20 teams that represented 15 different programs from 7 states that played in a Gold Ball Semi-Final Match at the 2014 National Championships. To view this article Click Here

Primarily the use of courts with Hardwood Floors – this means there will be absolutely no games on sports courts.

Gold & Silver Balls for Champion & Runner-up — We spare no expense when it comes to awarding the teams that find a way to navigate through the always brutal NCHC Tournament Fields, in fact we also provide Undisputed National Championship Banners for the Overall Champion.


Championship Arena for all age groups – it is important that teams playing Championship Games have the opportunity to play in an arena where there is enough setting for fans and a Championship atmosphere. At the 2014 National Championships the 14u Age Group played in front of over 2,500 fans and the 18u Undisputed Title game had well over 3,000 fans. Nothing beats the NCHC Championship atmospheres!

No Net Divided Courts for any age group – all courts are divided adequately enough to avoid confusion of multiple whistles and other interferences during the match.

Pool Play with Best of Three Matches — Below is a breakdown on the reason we do this…

At NCHVC 2014 we successfully made a very important change moving to a “Championship Pool Play Format” which means that each match in pool play will be 2 out of 3 instead of the previous pool play format of just 2 games.
This is a very important distinction and is part of the NCHVC’s goal to move away from the Recreational style tournament format that uses the 2 game format for pool play, it is our belief to pattern the National Championships after Rec Volleyball is a disservice to our players, coaches and fans.

Instead of a Rec Volleyball Format, our goal is to only use what we call a “Championship Format”  which is modeled after other major Volleyball events:

  • Public and Private high School State Tournaments
  • The NCAA
  • The Olympics

One last note is our Shorts Policy, this was not published last year, this year we have made a point to publish it in multiple different articles– no spandex allowed as outerwear; at least a 4” inseam so that undergarments or buttocks are completely covered.  Soffee shorts, and many of the current Nike shorts have a 3” inseam and are not allowed.  Please choose shorts that are not form fitting, as they can appear to be spandex, even with a 4 “ inseam.