NCHC Eligibility Appeals

National Christian HomeSchool Championship Overview

The National Christian HomeSchool Tournaments have continued to grow since 2000.   This year we have 4 Regional Basketball Tournaments, a basketball tip-off Tournament, and National Tournaments for 7 sports—Basketball, Volleyball, Fall Soccer, Spring Soccer, Golf, Cross Country, and Track & Field.

The organizational structure of the National Tournaments is as follows:

Executive Committee –  This committee oversees all of the initial eligibility decisions, structural and financial decisions of Nationals, such as locations, dates, fees structure, programs “good standing” status, special events (All-American Game), and the selection process for other committees.

Regional Committee – The functions of this committee are to interact with local programs concerning eligibility and to suggest eligibility changes. The Regional Committee is also in put in place to rule on appeals to decisions made by other committees (Executive &/or EAB.) The Regional Committee typically consist of 12-30 members, no boys or girls program will have more than 1 position, as this committee is made up from programs around the nation. The members of this committee also involve people that are involved with running the NCHC Post Season Events.

Eligibility Advisory Board (EAB) – This board is being expanded this year. The members of the committee are made up of the coaches and athletic directors that attend the National Tournament. Currently the EAB has 400+ members.

The EAB has two primary functions:

  1. To vote on hardship eligibility appeals.*
  2. To offer advice, opinions, and vote on eligibility changes for upcoming season.*An eligibility appeal is when a player or team is denied a hardship exemption and wishes to file an appeal. All appeals are in writing and voting is done through e-mail.

The NCHC ONLY handles eligibility exemptions or questions in writing, it does NOT handle the questions on the phone. Coaches, Athletic Directors, Parents, & Players if you have questions about an eligibility situation in your program and you have told the player has been granted an exemption ask to see it in writing. We are issuing this clarification statement because the last couple of years we have had 3 situations where coaches have told players that it was approved by Tim or Rob but we had not even heard of the situations. As players, coaches and parents it is your responsibility to make sure your team meets the eligibility requirements. Again all eligibility issues must be dealt with in writing, no exceptions.